Vogue is more than just a dance. Vogue is a lifestyle and a culture in itself. Its origins lies in the underground, in the ghetto, made by Trans and Queers People of Color. Starting as an empowerment movement of marginalized bodies, Vogue has infected the whole world with it's fever.

When Ivy discovered Voguing, it was love at first sight. Ivy has learned, assisted and taught Voguing workshop. They navigate the Voguing scene from São Paulo to California and since some time Ivy is has been fixing in swiss territory by giving Voguing workshops in queer-friendly institutions and events.

Among his teachers and friends are Legends of the international Voguing scene such as Dana Lisboa Besher, (mother of the kiki house which ivy is part of), Felix Pimenta - father of the House of Zion BR (São Paulo), Jocquese Whitfield - Mother of the House of Prolific (San Francisco), The German House of The House of Saint Laurent, Xav Bizzara Lauren and Dante Lauren - prince of the House of Lauren.

Now, Children, it's time to create a Voguing scene in Switzerland too. So be prepared for weekly lessons in a communal gathering. Experience and learn all about the Vogue Scene worldwide and its history, its influence on fashion and pop culture, its iconic movements, rhythm, exercises and much more.

The dance classes are open to participants of all ages and sexes - regardless of skin color and physical limitations. The instruction language is English and German.





Wasserwerkstrasse 127a

8037 Zürich


Thursdays 20:00 - 21:30h


30,00 -CHF



(No One Turned Away For Lack of Fund)



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