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- AboutStatement -


“ The human being is an organic machine, and inside this complex mechanism happens so many thoughts, intern projections, magick and chemical reactions that might build or destroy concepts of lifetimes in instants if we so desire. We are so powerful and at the same time so fragile. We are  chaos giving place to birth that gives place to chaos again. It is difficult to be a a human. Almost all of us, consciously or unconsciously are afraid to deal with ourselves. This search for identity while we go around circles of chaos and birth, and the performance of it, are the main inspiration for my creational process.

While keeping this eternal life loop as the core motivation for my artistic life, In my practice i also look very carefully at different symbols and images of post-colonial femininity in our history and social dimensions. Like this i create new propositions how to envision gender that could at the same time suggest identification as well as disidentification. All those concepts pass by my body and soul, and use them as a platform to showcase the urgencies of the underground communities that support me and that needs my visibility and support as well.  It is ultimately important for me to mix my post colonial identity with social practices and activist movements in order for my art to keep on thriving, surviving and serving the ones who open/have opened space for me with their fierce selves.

Last but not least, my work is here to allign three concepts together: Ancestrology in Queernes, Love in Revolution, Soul in Body. 



Ivy Monteiro. 



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